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Welcome! is a secure report writing system designed to simplify the complex and redundant process of writing an Augmentative and Alternative Communication Evaluation or Speech Generating Device (SGD) funding report.

Automate Routine and Non-Clinical Information automates the augmentative communication report writing process by populating fields with data so that names, addresses, birthdates, and other information are entered only once. Our database contains up-to-date product specifications for augmentative communication devices, access products and mounts. Search the database for device specifications to automatically populate the appropriate forms. Documents are downloaded as pdf or doc files, on your own letterhead if desired! The site is organized so that the clinician is less likely to neglect critical components of the report. Changes in state and federal policy are posted on relevant pages as soon as these changes can be verified by a reputable source.

No Affliation with Manufacturers is not affliated with any individual or organization that is involved in the creation, production or sales of software and hardware related to speech generating devices and accessories. Information regarding speech generating devices and accessories are included in the database without regard for or intention to promote the product. Manufacturers and retailers of augmentative communication devices and accessories who wish to be included in the database may contact us via email.

Clinical Considerations and Training is not a teaching site. Clinicians are responsible for the quality of the augmentative communication assessment and the report. While AACreport provides support and reminders, different funding agencies in different locations may have very specific requirements. It is the clinician's responsibility to know requirements of funding authorities prior to submission of the report. does not quarantee funding for a device. It is reasonable to assume that use of this report writing software will lead to fewer denials due to the structure and layout of the site. Nevertheless, the content of the report is ultimately the responsibility of the clinician.
Funding Agency Requirements is structured according to Local Coverage Decision for SGDs, state regulations and the American Speech Hearing Association SLP Checklist. Every effort has been made to address federal, state and private funding agencies. For example, our Trial Summary form includes specific requirements from five states. While your state may not demand this level of detail, it is likely that their requirements will be met by our generic forms. Please send us requests for your state forms.
The website,, is fully copyrighted and protected. Please see Terms and Conditions for details.

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